30 Days Detailing Training Course

Vietnam Detailing Training Academy is brought to you by Vietnam Car Care. We aim to provide educational classes, both online and offline to help you better understand correct detailing techniques, keep up to date

with latest detailing trends, get support to launch and grow a successful detailing business, discuss topics on our Facebook Group, find a whole range of detailing products and tools and more!

About Us

Vietnam Detailing Academy was founded by Ed Bews, the owner of Vietnam Car Care and IGL Coatings Vietnam. Ed is from the UK and has been involved in the detailing industry in Vietnam for 5 years.

Ed is a member of the International Detailing Association (I.D.A) at a Supplier Level, he is IGL Coatings Training Manager for Vietnam and a member of the UK Automobile Association.

The Details Of Car Detailing

Our training partners consist of qualified and experienced business owners in Vietnam and overseas providing a wealth of experience and knowledge in detailing, ceramic coatings, wrapping, decals, Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting, Leather Restoration and more! Car Detailing is one of the fastest growing auto industries in the world, and it is developing quickly in Vietnam. We also provide support to business owners, and we share informative articles, videos, and Q+A to help support vehicle owners in Vietnam. We have a passion for detailing, and we want to share that with you. We are dedicated to providing value to you, free information and informative articles from the experts in the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia, translated to Vietnamese for you all to learn and grow.

The Modules

1 - Introduction To the Detailing industry

In the first module, you will be introduced to the basics of Detailing and familiarize yourself with the chemicals you will use throughout the course. A thorough understanding of Detailing products and tools will ensure that you use the right technique, have good results and you do not damage customers' cars.

2 - Work with Customers Before Proceeding To Detail

Every Detailing process starts with checking delivery and receipt with your customers. In this module, you'll learn specific techniques for evaluating a customer's car, provide the services that are most suitable for them, plus take advantage of opportunities for growing sales (up- selling) and cross-selling.

3 - Detailing products

This module will introduce trainees to the different types of products used in the detailing processes. We will show you which products will be used for which parts of the vehicle. Students will learn the best techniques and how to use all the different products to produce the best results.

4 - Detailing car paint and exterior detailing

The main skill in detailing is proper preparation and the correct detailing process. We will show you how to wash the car properly, how to use a clay bar to remove harmful contaminants, the best way to clean tires and wheel rims, and the necessary tools.

5 - Detailing engine bay

A professional detailer needs to know how to clean the engine properly and in a safe manner. In this module, you will learn about detailing and making the engine compartment beautiful, making sure the engine compartment always looks like new.

6 - Detailing Interior

Interior detailing includes step by step instructions on using steamers, interior detailing tools and products, and interior fabric and leather skills. In addition, this module will also guide you with cleaning and refreshing of vinyl parts, leather, using appropriate products to make the interior always looking and smelling new.

7 - Introduction Of Polishing Techniques

This module will help you become an expert in paint restoration, paint correction, polishing and different types of paint defects. Mastering these techniques, ensures you will be able to cover even the most sensitive exterior paint types.

8 - Types Of Pad And Polishing Machines

Learn to use the right tools and products without damaging the finish of the paint. When used properly, polishing and paint correction gives exceptional results. In this module, we will guide the entire process, including how to use the polishing pads, and the types of polishes and compounds needed for this paint correction process.

9 - Practice Polishing and Paint correction

In this lesson, you will choose a polishing machine and practice using different types of pads and polishing compounds that you have learned in the previous sessions. We will show you the overall polishing techniques of 1,2 and 2 Stage paint correction.

10 - Introduce ceramic coatings

One of the best ways that detailers are able to protect customers' cars is to use a ceramic coating. We have done more than 3,000 ceramic coatings from 2015 and will show students the best skills when applying ceramic coating.

11 - Practice coating ceramic

Now it is time for you to practice ceramic coating directly on the car. Students will practice ceramic coating for paintwork, windows, wheels and more. This module will show you how to get the best results when performing ceramic coating.

12 - Running a Detailing Business and Marketing

We will teach you how to plan your business, marketing and PR strategies, how to effectively advise your customers. We will teach students how to calculate prices for services, tools, products, machines and advise you on market orientation as well as reminders of common risks.

Course Review

  •   Duration: 30 days - 160 hours
  •   12.000.000d
  •   10 students
  •   3 Trainers

Course Includes

  •   2 x Polo Shirts
  •   IGL Accredited Detailer Certification
  •   Detailing Academy Certification
  •   1 year Access to our Online Trainings

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