Window Tinting

It is essential to protect you also protect the interior of your vehicle from the harmful UV rays from the sun in Vietnam. Not only are you protecting your leather or fabric interior from fading in color, but you will ensure your vehicle is cool and enhance privacy in your car.

Stand out while still keeping your privacy. Plus save money on cooling

The service takes around 4 hours and we offer a range of 5 different window tinting films to suit your style requirements.

By applying our premium Autozkin window tinting film, you will ensure you reduce the amount of glare from the sun and make driving a more comfortable experience during the daytime.


Protects from Skin Damage

Autozkin Window film is proven to block up to 99% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Autozkin Window Tint films reduce harmful sun damage as effective as SPF 200 sunscreen.

Reduce Dangerous Glare

By using Autozkin Window Tinting to protect your vehicle, you will reduce the glare from the sun and headlights, which will increase your visibility making driving a safer experience and more comfortable for passengers.

Increase Privacy and Security

Tinting the windows in your vehicle will increase privacy and help to reduce the chances of theft. We have different colors of film that can be applied which will increase privacy.

Protect Your Investment

By installing window film in your car in Vietnam, you will extend the life of your car’s interior.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

Autozkin Window Tint keeps the inside of your car cool by reflecting heat from the sun and UV rays.

Our staff are expertly training by Autozkin Thailand team and have completed hundreds of window tinting packages. We offer some great combos at Vietnam Car Care, covering window tinting, paint correction and interior protection.