Paint Protection Film

280PVC Economy Film

Produced with PVC material which is thick and durable enough to protect the paint from an outer collision. It retains a glossy surface and self-cleaning features (Recommended for: common cars and motorcycles)

The benefits:

  • Increase the resale value of the car
  • Have your car always look brand new
  • Scratch resistant to anything that might hit the surface
1 - 3 days
280PVC Price: 20,000,000 - 25,000,000VND

290TPU Premium Film

Produced from top quality TPU material which is self-cleaning and self-healing. This film comes with 2 coating options (Matte/Glossy). The film completely protects your car without the need for special maintenance (Recommended for: luxury cars, supercars and motorbikes)

The benefits:

  • Self-healing feature allows paint to recover from scratch and heat damage
  • Lasts up to 5 years with no cracking, even in humid weather
1 - 3 days
290TPU Price: 72,000,000 - 86,000,000VND
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