Must Haves for Cleaning Your Car

To clean your car properly - equip yourself with the best tools for the job.

There is a lot more to cleaning your car than just running a hose over the car or using a dirty cloth to wipe away the dirt (something I see done everyday by drivers). By using the correct methods and products, you can ensure your car is cleaner and protected for longer, producing a high-quality shine that will keep your vehicle looking newer for longer and higher resale value.

This article will cover what the recommended tool for cleaning your car are. For a more in-depth look at how to clean your car…follow our guide.

Must have tools for cleaning a car

As a professional, you must make sure you use the correct car detailing tools and accessories.

This includes things like towels, wash mitts, separate wash buckets, and reliable vehicle brushes for the wheels.  Having the right tools means will result in a more efficient and longer lasting clean with less wear on the car.

Using the right detailing tools is also essential to obtain results for customers at your garage safely. Quality tools simply outperform cheaper alternatives and last longer. If old tools or washing mitts/towels are used, you will cause damage to the paintwork.

It shocks me to see car garages using just one wash mitt that looks 10 years old to scrub both the paintwork and wheels. Or detailers who use dirty wheel brushes on the paintwork!

Car Wash

The essential tools and products needed are listed below:

1. Wash Mitt – We recommend you use a soft sheepskin or microfiber wash mitt. The long fibers allow you to lather the foam into the paintwork, while gently removing dirt and grime without scratching the paintwork. These mitts are ideal to minimize swirl marks inflicted during the wash process.

2. Shampoo – It is essential that you use special shampoo designed specifically for washing your car. Too often in Vietnam, we see people using kitchen soap, and this will cause damage to your paintwork. You should choose a PH neutral shampoo that is lubricated to lift the dirt off your paintwork. Which has the added benefit of gliding smoothly on the surface, reducing scratching. Many people mistake shampoos lacking in foam to be poor quality, this is not the case, modern shampoos have a blend of polymers in helping them lift the dirt, but they do not have a high foam, they are designed in this way.

Blue car wash3. Hose – A basic hose is all you need to clean your car effectively. We suggest skipping the nozzle sprayer, and this can cause water spots to form, instead use the full flow from the hose, allowing the water to sheet off the paintwork.

4. Drying Towel – It is crucial to dry your car and not let the water dry on the paint, this will cause water spots marks. A soft microfiber towel, explicitly designed for drying is what you need. The purpose of this towel is only to dry – it should not be used for cleaning ever! If you do, you may leave a trail of lint along the paintwork.

5. Brushes – To clean in cracks/crevices, you need to use a variety of brushes. Wheels should be cleaned with specific brushes that are only ever used for the wheels. You do not want to transfer brake dust to the paintwork so never mix up your wheel brushes! We suggest you have a separate wash bucket for cleaning wheels. Then make sure you leave all tools in here for the wheels, and never get your wheel tools mixed up!

6. Buckets – You should always use two buckets for washing, one for soapy water and one for clean water for rinsing. Ideally, you will also use grit guards to trap the dirt at the bottom of the bucket. By using the two bucket method, you can minimize the number of contaminants that come into contact with the paintwork during the wash process

In summary, you should choose your detailing tools very carefully, great tools and accessories make detailing much easier, and the vehicle you deliver to your customer will look much better! You should have a variety of microfiber towels, some should be used drying, others for buffing and polishing.  

Your customers, hopefully, repeat customers, if you ensure that you do the best job possible, using the tools and accessories most suitable for the job, you can guarantee happy customers who come back time and time again.

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