How To Remove Odors From Your Interior?

Removing Car Odors 

Following on from our article about removing stains from your vehicle’s interior, we also get many questions about removing smells that build up inside a car.

The most common ones being ‘How do I remove cigarette smoke from my car?’ or ‘ How do I get rid of the smell of my child’s vomit.’

The majority of odors in a vehicle are ‘organic’ these relate to things such as food, tobacco, and mold. These smells are often tough to remove and can not just be masked by a traditional air freshener. These will only cover up the odor temporarily; which is never good for long term health.

The best thing to do is to neutralize and kill the odor, which can be done by a professional detailer using the right equipment. It can take a lot of work to remove deeply ingrained odors. 

When we need to do this for a client, we use a piece of equipment called C-AIR Fog Machine this is an FDA approved machine that kills 99% of odors and bacteria in your vehicle. The technology is a very safe piece of kit from Korea that disperses a cloud of bacteria-killing fog that permeates throughout the car. Afterward, you will have removed all organic, cigarettes and bad odors. As a bonus, the service only takes around 10 minutes to complete

Strange Smells From the Air-Conditioning

Is your A/C not smelling fresh? Not only is it not pleasant but the cause of it can be very bad for your families health, and can end up causing illness, especially in young children!

When air enters your car, it passes over the A/C evaporator (the tool that cools the air) – when you are operating your A/C the water will condense. This moisture becomes a magnet for air pollutants such as dirt, dust, bacteria, and germs. As these pollutants grow, they will create a terrible smell that is then continually pumped around your vehicle!

Many modern luxury cars are built with filters to remove these pollutants, but they do not stop the smell from occurring. 

Studies have shown that bacteria and germs are on all surfaces in a car’s interior. These aren’t good for anyone’s health, let alone your children. Bacteria that is harmful to humans is floating around your vehicle’s interior. We recommend all car owners undertake the C.AIR Fog Treatment every 3 months, to not only keep your car smelling fresh, but to remove these contaminants and keep everything as healthy as possible. 

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