How To Remove Interior Stains And Odors?

How To Remove Car Stains and Odors

Many people spend a lot of time in their vehicle; traveling to work, enjoying road trips around Vietnam with their family and as such the interior of the vehicle can easily deteriorate quickly. Food gets dropped between crevices and drinks can accidentally get spilled on the seats. 

Not only does your vehicle start to smell, but bacteria and germs begin to build up making it unhealthy for the people inside. 

Protecting a Car’s Interior

Many cars still have basic upholstery fabric as opposed to leather. If you have upholstered seats, it is a necessity to ensure that your treat the upholstery with a fabric guard. Our favorite Fabric Guard on the market now is IGL Fabric. The product is a water-based; zero VOC super-hydrophobic coating that protects textile and upholstery against water, liquid, dirt, and stains. It does not affect the look, texture or breathability, and is easy to use.

The leather is much easier to keep clean. With a basic interior cleaner, the leather itself can be protected for 12 months with a leather coating, such as IGL Leather.

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Do you have a child, because if you do the inevitable is bound to happen soon! My son recently spilled a carton of milk all over the leather seats and carpet floor, however luckily for me, the whole interior was protected and was a simple 5-minute job to mop it up. 

If we didn’t have the interior protected, it would have meant soaking up as much of the spill as possible, then wet vacuuming and steaming the interior to remove the smell and stains. It will only take one such incident for you to realize that a 2,000,000 VND investment in fabric and leather protection is worth every dong.

Removing Stains

Most stains can be removed easily using a good quality PH neutral interior cleaner such as IGL Interior. Do not use any cleaning products with an acidic PH, the leather can easily stain or change appearance. 

First, spray the stain liberally with your cleaner, and allow it a minute or two to soak in. You do not need to scrub the stain yet. Take a soft, clean microfiber cloth and start to dab and soak up the liquid and stain.

You can then spray the stain a second time and using a soft cleaning brush designed for delicate tasks such as this, and gently scrub the stain. Wipe it frequently with a soft microfiber towel and continue the process until the stain has been removed. 

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You will find that some stains, will never come out – no matter how hard you scrub or what chemicals you throw at it. This is because the stain has penetrated the fibers of the material. While you can make the stain much less noticeable, it will be impossible to remove 100%.

Your only option at this point is to live with the stain or have that section of carpet or interior replaced by a professional. 

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Removing Car Odor

We get a lot of questions about removing smells from vehicles, the most common ones being ‘How do I remove cigarette smoke from my car?’ or ‘ How do I get rid of the smell of my child’s vomit.’

The majority of odors in a vehicle are classed as ‘organic’ – these are odors relating to things such as food, vomit, tobacco, mold, etc. These smells are often very hard to remove and can not just be masked by a traditional air freshener. All this will do is ‘hide’ the smell temporarily. 

What you need to do is neutralize and kill the odor, which can be done by a professional detailer using the right equipment. It can take a lot of work to remove tough odors. When we need to do this for a client, we use a piece of equipment called a C-AIR Fog Machine.

Odors From Air Conditioning

Does your A/C smell disgusting? Not only is the smell not pleasant but the cause of it can be very bad for your families health!

When air enters your car, it passes over the A/C evaporator (the tool that cools the air). This moisture becomes a magnet for air pollutants such as dirt, dust, bacteria, and germs. As these pollutants grow, they will create a terrible smell that is pumped into your vehicle!

Many modern luxury cars are built with filters to remove these pollutants, but they do not stop the smell from occurring. 

Studies show that bacteria and germs are everywhere in your vehicle’s interior which is not good for anyone’s health, especially children. Bacteria that are harmful to humans are being transported around the inside of the vehicle. We recommend all car owners undertake the C.AIR Fog Treatment every 3 months, to not only keep your car smelling nice but to remove these contaminants. 

Bacteria can linger on every surface. This bacteria can harm humans by causing serious disease. It is not uncommon in our modern era for bacteria to evolve and survive ordinary antibacterial spray. Always remember spots that we usually often ignore such as the interior of cars, toilets, office space, rooms, restaurants, hotels that commonly have the most significant number of bacteria.

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