Engine Cleaning and Protection

The engine bay is an area that most people rarely look at and because of this, it is often neglected. However, engine cleaning is just as important as cleaning the rest of your car

Our engine steam cleaning service is designed to clean and preserve your engine’s appearance and ensure plastics and rubber in the engine do not get damaged quickly.

Using the latest steam cleaners from Karcher allows us to safely and effectively clean the engine and delicate areas.

We also offer a protection package for the engine, using IGL Trim protective ceramic coating, keeping the engine much cleaner and looking new. With a protective coating applied, oil and grease will not stick to the engine cover as much and will keep your engine running smoothly.

Delicate areas are covered up and protected including air intakes etc

Engine bay degreaser is applied to remove grease and dirt

Bonnet shuts are cleaned by hand to remove grease and dirt

The engine is rinsed with low-pressure steam to remove residue and oils

The under bonnet cleaned & washed by hand removing grease and dirt

Plastics and rubber are dressed and protect against cracking

Engine Steam Cleaning Package

Small/Sedan: 700,000 VNĐ

Small SUV:  900,000 VNĐ

Large SUV: 1,100,000 VNĐ

Engine Steam and Protection Package (Ceramic Coating)

Small/Sedan: 1,200,000 VNĐ

Small SUV:  1,400,000 VNĐ

Large SUV: 1,700,000 VNĐ