Revolutionizing The Car Detailing Industry In Vietnam – Meet The Da Lat Team

HCMC, April 10, 2019, — Vietnam Car Care expands and opens for business in Da Lat. 

Growth in the Market

Vietnam Car Care – this premium car care brand in Vietnam has been steadily growing over the last 4 years. With its flagship garage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Car Care focusses on protecting your investment and ensuring that showroom shine for vehicles every day. 

Over the past 12 months, Vietnam Car Care has grown even further and has expanded into 3 cities in the last 6 months; Dalat, Nha Trang, and Dong Nai.

‘Setting Vietnam Car Care apart from other garages is its exceptionally high standards, and focus on customer service’ says founder Ed Bews from the UK. ‘We have a fully stocked shop selling hundreds of car care products and tools, like shampoo, wash-mitts, and air fresheners – and now that high-quality stock is available in more places across the country than ever before.’ 

To ensure quality, Vietnam Car Care only uses imported products/tools from the UK, Italy, and the USA. Their main focus is on IGL Ceramic & paint protection packages. 

Vietnam Car Care also offers Accredited Detailer Training Programs. These academies work to teach detailers the most up to date techniques so that they can grow their businesses at the highest level. They are the official distributor for IGL Coatings Vietnam, Car Care Centre line of products and have 12 Accredited IGL Partners around Vietnam.

In addition to the premium car cleaning and detailing packages on offer, Vietnam Car Care are experts in paint protection film (PPF) all of which work to keep vehicles looking better than new. These premium services are extremely popular in Europe and the USA and are now making their way to Vietnam. 

Vietnam Car Care is one of the few centers in Vietnam offering a warranty on their work, with some warranties lasting up to 5 years! Striving to provide only the highest level of service through hard work and dedication Vietnam Car Care have worked with companies such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati, Jaguar, Range Rover to name just a few.

New Center in Da Lat

Today, Vietnam Car Care introduces the new Dalat Team. The Da Lat opened in December 2018 and was the first official franchise of Vietnam Car Care. So let’s meet the new team. 


In James’ preteen years, his friends often visited the church on Sunday. His parents used to detail the family car. So naturally, it wasn’t long before James was detailing his friend’s cars in high school to make a couple of extra bucks. Then he soon started traveling out of the trunk of his car, with nothing but a small vacuum and some car products he brought from his home. With a lot of drive, ambition, support, and knowledge James turned what he loved to do into a professional business. James is always excited to go to work every day doing what he has a true passion for.

What our customers had to say about the Dalat Team:

“Vinh came on time and worked on my car for the whole day, and I’ve got to say from the condition I bought this car in I never thought it would look like showroom new.” – Shabaz Qadri, in his Yelp review

“Martin came to my residence, and my car looks better than when I bought it from the dealer. Seriously.” – David Agosto, in his Yelp review

“The detailer, Martin, showed up early and was professional and courteous and respectful.  He worked his butt off, and my five-year-old minivan looks brand new!” – Bruce Aboff, in his Yelp review

Vietnam Car Care Dalat is a modern, large center located at 10 National Highway 20, Hiep Thanh, Duc Trong, Lam Dong
offering all of the services provided by Vietnam Car Care. 

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