Ceramic Protection – FAQ’s

What is a Ceramic Protection?

Ceramic Protection is also known as Ceramic Coatings, Quartz Coatings, Glass Coatings. They are an advanced paint protection system that is the worlds most advanced automotive paint sealant available on the worldwide market today.

They offer a unique formula that bonds to your vehicles paintwork, long-term durability up to 5 years, very high gloss and they make cleaning your vehicle much easier.

Benefits of ceramic coating

Ceramic Protection will protect your vehicle from the environmental damage that occurs quickly and easily in Vietnam, often causing your vehicle to age quickly and lose value. Your car will be protected from harmful UV rays from the sun, acid rain, bird droppings and will be more scratch resistant than just your cars standard paintwork.

What’s the problem with waxes/paint sealants?

A ceramic coating bonds semi-permanently to your vehicles paintwork and will last many years. in our experience in an environment like Vietnam, wax or a sealant does not last long at all. A good quality wax will disappear after 2-3 months maximum and does not offer the same level of protection that a ceramic coating will.

Waxes and sealants will slowly degrade and can be removed with harsh cleaning chemicals which many low-end car washes in Vietnam use.

IGL ceramic protection on a black car

Which ceramic coatings are best?

When deciding to get a ceramic coating, you should check some important things. Firstly, the product that is being used; is it a famous brand (such as IGL Coatings, Ceramic Pro, Gyeon) or is it an OEM rebranded product from China?

A genuine brand will have undergone years of research and development before it is released on the market. The most famous detailing centres in the world will only use a reputable brand. By using a reputable brand, you are guaranteed a warranty of 1-5 years direct from the manufacturer as they know their coating will last.

Next, if a ceramic coating company is offering 5,7,10 layers etc and a warranty of 1-2 years, first ask yourself, why do they need so many layers?

Why do some companies in Vietnam offer so many layers?

Is it better to get more layers? The answer is a simple, NO!

Additional layers do not mean additional protection. Ceramic coatings are designed to bond on a molecular level to the paintwork, making a semi-permanent bond. After 3-4 layers, the coating won’t bond to the existing paintwork. Any layers over 4 layers and it will just rub off.

If any company promises 10 layers, ask them to demonstrate with a paint gauge meter the difference in thickness between 3 layers and 10 layers, it will be impossible to see any difference in coating thickness! This is just a marketing ploy used by companies who do not understand the technical aspects of ceramic coatings.

IGL ceramic protection and application

After I get my vehicle coated, do I need to come back every month?

No, you do not need to come back every month, however, any reputable ceramic coating company will offer you a maintenance package to keep your coating in the best condition.

At Vietnam Car Care, we ask customers to come back at 3, 6, 12 and then every 6 months after so we can remove any contaminants from the coating and keep your vehicle looking better than new! Anyone who tells you maintenance is not required, is providing you with false information.

IGL ceramic protection and application

Do you only protect the paintwork?

Unlike the majority of companies in Vietnam offering ceramic protection, here at Vietnam Car Care, we offer the full range of coatings from IGL Coatings to protect your vehicle. IGL Coatings have 4 different paint coatings; POLY, QUARTZ, QUARTZ+, and KENZO 10H.

We also apply IGL Trim to protect your plastics and rubber, IGL Window is designed to protect your windows and glass. IGL Wheel is a coating specific for wheels to protect against damage from brake dust.

For the interior, we have IGL Leather to protect your leather and IGL Fabric is protection for fabric and carpets. All of these coatings are applied in either our BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM package depending on your individual requirements.

What are the key benefits to Ceramic Coatings in general?

Will give your vehicle a showroom shine for years
Will make cleaning your car much easier
Will protect from UV damage from the sun
Will protect from fading and stains due to the environment
Will make your vehicle highly water repellent to dirt and water
Gives a deep wet look to paintwork, increasing long-term value
Will provide some level of scratch resistance
Will ensure the value of your vehicle is much higher than a non-coated car

Ask a Pro: Ed Bews @ Vietnam Car Care.

Ed Bews has had a passion for car care since he was 17, for over 18 years he has detailed and loved his cars! He is a member of the International Detailing Association (IDA) and a founding member of Vietnam Detailing Academy. Ed opened Vietnam Car Care in 2015 to bring the same passion and international detailing techniques and services he found in the UK to Vietnam!