The Best PPF Brands

There are many different brands for car protection film in Vietnam, but which is best? Learn more here.

What’s The Best Paint Protection Film For Cars in Vietnam?

Buying a new car in Vietnam is an expensive investment. Naturally, we all want to keep our new car looking as good, or better, than when you bought it.

The best way to protect your paintwork is with Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF. This is the most durable protection that can be applied to your vehicle, protecting it from rock chips, scratches, chemical stains, and environmental contaminants. This kind of protection is especially important in Vietnam where we have additional problems like dust, acid rain and UV damage from the sun.

There are several different brands of PPF available in Vietnam. For example Teckwrap, Autozkin, and Xpel. Many of our customers ask us, ‘What’s the difference between the brands?’

So today we are going to discuss the different brands of PPF available on the market. 

PPF application

How will my car look with Paint Protection Film?

Check out the video below; this is a 15-year-old Mini Cooper, the very 1st one to arrive in Vietnam.

The owner wanted to make the car look as good as new, and then keep it that way. So we undertook a 3-stage paint correction polish, then used a combo of ceramic coating and PPF to protect the bright, new paintwork for years!

Essentially dirt will be unable to stick to your car, and it will always look like the day you bought it.

What are the similarities between the different Paint Protection Films on the market?

Firstly, all of the three different films offer a high level of protection. Each of them protecting the car’s paint from stone chips, chemical etching, scratches and any other damage from the environment.

However, as with all ceramic coatings, PPF needs to be cared for, maintained, and decontaminated occasionally.

The three films are each a few millimeters thick, and they all have ‘self-healing’ properties – which means that fine scratches will disappear when exposed to heat.

How does the PPF look when it has been applied to your vehicle?

If you decide to invest in Paint Protection Film for your car or motorcycle, you must be sure that the environment it’s applied in is completely enclosed.

It’s best to use a closed, temperature controlled room, minimizing any issues with dust. If dust does get under the film during the application, you will see the marks when the job is finished.

If Paint Protection Film is applied well, you should not be able to notice it just by looking. It’s designed to be invisible after proper installation.

Years ago, PPF used to have a reputation for yellowing. However, technology has changed, and the transparency of films now lasts many years. The yellowing was not the transparency of the film changing color. Instead, it was the adhesive yellowing over time, now the industry produces a higher quality of adhesive, ensuring a beautiful clear finish – whatever brand you choose.

PPF Application

How long do the different brands last and do they provide a warranty?

Teckwrap has a warranty of 10 years after installation. Autozkin and Xpel also offer a warranty of 10 years.

The good thing about these three brands available in Vietnam is that they all have an excellent reputation around the world. However, without proper frequent maintenance, the film can deteriorate at a faster pace.

We have seen customers with PPF applied 2 years ago that looks terrible, and we have seen cars which have had PPF applied 5 years ago that look outstanding.

What should you look for when getting a Paint Protection Film package?

As we’ve covered above, each of these brands offers high-quality Paint Protection Film that will last for years.

What you should be checking is that garage that is applying the film. It’s important to ask yourself these questions; Is the room closed and the film worked on in a professional environment? Is the company able to offer a warranty for their work? Is the garage a certified installer?

The price should also come into consideration. Paint Protection Film is an expensive material. Be wary of quality if a dealer is offering PPF at rock bottom prices.

You should also carefully consider what areas of your vehicle need protection the most. We suggest a combination of PPF for the front of the car, bumper, etc. which are most likely to get damaged. Afterward, ceramic protection for the other areas of your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film is only as good as the company installing it, end of story. Someone could produce a new innovative PPF that is better than anything on the market, but if it is not installed well, it can look terrible. Blisters, air bubbles, and peeling corners are errors we frequently see in Vietnam, which are easily avoidable.

However that being said, detailers are not robots. No installation will be 100% flawless, but there is a big difference between a professional, quality installation and one that’s done quickly and without passion and care.

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